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The cavalry has arrived.

Our formula is simple.
An optimized process for integrating top analyst talent, superior data algorithms, and the largest business knowledge portfolio in the world.

Research Ninjas Only

We serve our clients through a dedicated team of professional U.S.-based research analysts hand-picked for their relentlessness, resourcefulness, analytical acuity, and a dogmatic commitment to the highest standards of scholarship. Our intense hiring process includes a rigorous battery of screenshare, timed, and skills-based simulations that filter out all but the top talent. From those who pass, we take only the top 3% of candidates.

State-of-the-Art Cybernetic Research Platform

Our analysts are equipped with a groundbreaking suite of data aggregation tools built around a uniquely powerful and precise search engine designed to power relentless research.

Best-in-Class Research Methodology

Every analyst is trained on Scrybe’s proprietary Research Cybernetics® methodology, which draws on 85,000 hours of operational research experience to combine humans and technology in an integrated process optimized for delivering critical insights with unmatched efficiency.

Quality Assured

Our unique quality control system was built and refined by consultants and equity analysts from top tier management consulting firms and investment banks.

Our resources are at your service.

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