We deliver insights so you can deliver results.

We focus on solving common research-intensive business questions such as industry analysis, market sizing, competitive analysis, financial valuations, and similar requests. 

We target short/medium-term requests where urgencies

are measured in hours or days. 


Due Diligence

  • Financial

  • Commercial

  • Preliminary legal

  • Operational

Market Analysis

  • Industry/sector/company analysis

  • Country/macroeconomic/policy analysis

  • Competitive landscape

  • Market sizing and segmentation

  • Trends and developments

  • Product/portfolio/pipeline analysis

Legal exposure and precedent analysis

  • Legal and regulatory strategy analysis

  • Historical case law and regulations

  • Precedent and legal opinion review

  • Public policy briefs

  • Media monitoring

  • Global policy trends

Competitive Intel: 360 analysis

  • Competitor analysis

  • External environmental analysis

  • Benchmarking

  • Value chain analysis

  • Corporate/business unit/country-level strategy 

  • M&A/alliance/partnership activity

Financial analysis and modeling

  • Ratios

  • Multiples and comps

  • DCF/LBO/M&A modeling

  • Du Pont analysis

  • Scenario analysis

  • Macros and fundamentals

Strategic Review and Forecast Validation

  • Business plan review

  • Validation of underlying assumptions

  • Data and information sources

  • Competitive and industry trends

Let Scrybe deliver insights so you can deliver results

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